At the Apothecary Bitters Company, we handcraft all of our bitters in small batches with only real ingredients, no artificial flavorings or extracts, using choice botanicals and spices.


The goal with our bitters is to create unique, complex and delicious flavor combinations that are not only intriguing, but extremely useful to the modern mixologist.


Every style of bitters we make is ultimately created with the end use in mind, developed to make your cocktails stand out and to inspire new recipe ideas in the process.


See our core flavors below:


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Spirit Fire

Cherry Cedar Bitters

Mystic Caravan

Smokey Pear Bitters


Latin Lime Bitters

The Darkness

Cacao Coffee Bitters

General Ambrose's

Aromatic Bitters

We also have our Seasonal/Limited bitters and our Barrel Aged bitters.


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