The Apothecary Bitters Company is a small batch, craft bitters company located in Vancouver BC, dedicated to creating unique and appetizing bitters by hand, using only the finest natural ingredients.


Our goal is not only to come up with creative and aperitive flavor combinations but to do so in a way that the final flavor profile compliments and enhances cocktails and spirits. We believe that bitters should be a complex blend of flavors and aromas, not one dimensional or single flavored, so to add layers of depth and flavor to your cocktails.


By creating our bitters in small batches, we are able to create limited and seasonal offerings, a barrel aged bitters program and to offer signature and collaborative offerings to bars, restaurants and spirits manufacturers (contact us for more details). After all, those involved in cocktail culture love experimentation and new ingredients, and so do we.





The Apothecaries:

Cole Benoit - Co-Founder and Head Bitters Maker


As a bartender, culinary adventurer, brewer and an artist of various mediums, Cole is in charge of recipe development, quality control, management and the visual aspects of The Apothecary Bitters Company. He's also the cocktail creator and a special projects consultant for Long Table Distillery in Vancouver, where you'll find our bitters in use at the bar.


Constantly inspired and experimenting, his passion, curiosity and dedication is what makes our bitters what they are.

He also really likes barbecue, loud music and smush-faced dogs.


What you'll usually find him drinking: A Boulevardier. Or mezcal/amaro.


Selene Arden - Co-Founder and Operations Manager


While maybe not as glamorous as Cole's position, someone has to make sure that the business runs properly and that job belongs to Selene. At The Apothecary Bitters Company, she's in charge of marketing and social media, accounting and operations.

She's also a tea connoisseur and lover of all things cute.


What you'll usually find her drinking: A Horse’s Neck or tea based cocktails.





As bartenders and cocktail geeks, we love cocktails that have depth and length; cocktails that allude to you with aroma, that hit you up front with the bolder flavors of the ingredients and then linger and evolve in the finish, giving you something to savor and think about - appetizing and intriguing at the same time.


As foodies and chefs, we love playing with flavor combinations that intrigue, inspire and push our boundaries but that ultimately taste delicious as well, otherwise there's no point. As well, we're all about using the finest and freshest natural ingredients, organic whenever possible, for anything that we put into our mouth.


It's with all of these things in mind, that we approach, design and make our bitters in order to create inspiring, tasty, natural and most importantly, utilizable craft bitters.


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